Typos/Corrections to N2384

  1. Page 4 Item 3 'one word OO2Y, can contrast with OO2Y' should be replaced with 'one word OO2Y may contain one form while other words in the paragraph may comfortably use the other form OU1' also 'in that instance' should be replaced with 'In that instance'. The following word on page 1860 of the Chhuan Nath Khmer Dictionary is one of the very rare times that U+17B2 appears to be required: U+17B2 U+1780 U+1789 U+17C0
  2. Page 5 Line 3 'signs are stand alone' should be replaced with 'signs
    stand alone'.
  3. Page 6 Paragraph 2 (Item 1) Line 2 'inserting subscripts which never occur' should be replaced with 'omitting subscripts which do occur'.
  4. Page 8 Line 1 'seen the vowel encoding' should be 'seen the encoding'
    Line 2: 'two valid-paths to one vowel' should be 'two valid-paths to
    character' Line 2-3: 'encoding of vowels has only one valid path to each vowel' should be 'encoding of characters has only one valid path to each character'.

Maurice Bauhahn 22 October 2001